Follow Rob on his journey to the 2018 CrossFit Games. Learn about his training philosophy, his nutrition, and everything else that has set him up for success during his CrossFit career. Rob has experimented with programming for the CrossFit Games season the past 7 years with great success. The 7 years of trial and error has lead him to where he is today. The structure of his program incorporates weightlifting, aerobic capacity and CrossFit specific training.

Programming Overview:
-5 days on, 2 days off per week
-A BTWB subscription will be included with your purchase
•Simply sign into BTWB with the same email
•Workouts will appear on your calendar. Log results and track your progress!
•Free mobile app available for download (iPhone, Android)
-You will receive the weekly program via email & BTWB
-The programming will be based around the Games season
-Subscription includes access to a private Facebook group
-You have access to Rob via email at any stage if you have questions or require feedback
-Rob will teach you how to approach training to fast track your results


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