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Complete as fast as possible with a 18 minute cap:

5 Rounds

30 Wall Balls

8 Toe To Bar

16 Db Hang To Overhead

*All wall balls must be completed unbroken before moving on to the next movement. See description below/workout video for more details.


Qualifier week one 

Movement one: Wall balls with an added twist. This weeks challenege is that all wall balls must be completed unbroken to continue onto the next movement, if the Athlete no reps but stays in motion the reps may continue. If the athletes momentum is paused or broken for any period of time or is deemed to be stopped or resting the athlete must stop and start that set again from zero.

Movement Two: We have toe to bars, Athletes must touch the bar with both feet at the same time between the hands. Athlete's who kick there hands or outside will be no repped

Movement Three: The Hang dumbell to overhead, this movement allows athletes to move the dumbell from hang postion to overhead in any fashion they choose. The dumbell must be moved with a single arm between the legs without making contact with the hips to finished loced out in the over head postion. Athletes must alternate hands each repitition.

*please be sure to watch the workout video for a better understanding

Equipment needed:

- Dumbell (22.5/15)

Video Submission tips: Atll equipment & athlete must be in screen the whole time, please shoot on a angle to the pull bar so our judges can confirm toe to bar reps are completed to standard.

18 minutes


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