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4 minute AMRAP
Max single arm alternating devils press (20kg/12.5kg)
EMOM (including 0:00)
5.5 Single arm DB push press

Movement standards:
.The DB Push press starts with the DB in contact with shoulder
.After the dip and drive hips, legs and elbow bust be locked out with DB finishing overhead

.Complete five reps one side (left or right arm) then five on the opposite arm
.In the devils press DB and chest must meet the floor with hand on DB
.DB finished overhead with elbow locked out arm in line with ear, legs and hips are locked out also.
.When switching hands for the devils press the DB must past eye level before changing hands

Video standards:
.Must be able to show movement standards in frame

.Total Alternating DB Devils Press completed
.Tie break time is taken every 20 repetitions of DB Devils Press


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