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In 11 minutes, with athletes alternating each round, complete as many repetitions as possible of:

49 Double-Unders*
21 Goblet Squats**
7 Lateral Burpee Over Object***

M: 24-kg / 16-kg | F: 16-kg / 12-kg

*Change Double-Unders to Alternating High Knee Single-Unders. If you don’t have a jump rope (yet) then you can do the same rep count of strict high knees

**Athletes may use one of the following apparatus for the Goblet Squats:

- Kettlebell: to the exact weight
- Dumbbell: Advanced: 25-kg / 15-kg | Intermediate: 15-kg / 12.5-kg
- Backpack/Suitcase (show weight on set of bathroom scales where possible) Loaded to Advanced: 24-kg / 16-kg | Intermediate: 16-kg / 12-kg

***Athletes must perform the lateral jump portion of their ‘burpee over object’ over the apparatus used for the Goblet Squat

11 minutes


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