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2A. For time:
1000/900m Row
20 Burpee over the rower (facing)
----Rest 3 mins---
2B. For time:
20 Burpee over the rower (facing)
1000/900m Row

- 1000m row for males, 900m row for females.
- Athletes may not dismount rower until 1000m/900m has been completed.
- Burpees must be facing the rower. Athletes body must be perpendicular with the body
of the rower.
- Must be a 2 footed jump and 2 footed landing when passing over the rower.
Stepping over or skipping over is not permitted.
- A Concept 2 rower must be used for this workout.
- Athletes must remain on screen during the 3 minute rest.
- 2A and 2B will be scored as 2 separate events. Do not enter your overall time taken
to complete.
- There is no time cap for this workout.

No Time Cap


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