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On a running clock, complete:
8 min AMRAP
5 Clean and Shoulder to Overhead @ 70/50kg
15/12 Toes to bar
30 Double Unders
---immediately after completing---
5 minutes to build to a 2-rep Hang Squat Snatch

1A. Workout Notes:
- 15 toes to bar for males. 12 toes to bar for females
- If using lbs: 155lbs / 115lbs
- Clean and jerk. Any variation of clean is permitted. Any variation of shoulder to
overhead is permitted. Athlete is credited with 1 rep once the shoulder to overhead
has been completed.
- Athletes must stay on screen after completing workout 1A.

1B. Workout Notes:
- Athletes must use the same bar used for 1A.
- Athletes can take as many attempts as they like within the 5 minute window.
- Athletes may increase or decrease load as many times as they like.
- To be accredited with a score, the bar may not go to the floor between reps 1 and 2.
- If an athlete fails an attempt, but the bar does not touch the floor, they may continue
to attempt to complete the rep as many times as the like, as long as the bar doesn't
touch the floor.
- The second rep must be completed (athlete stood in the locked out position) before
the 5 minute window ends in order to be accredited with the score.
- Athletes must finish the video by clearly showing what weight was on the bar
- Score to be recorded in Kilograms (KG)

13 minutes


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