Box Challenges
A geo-targeted participatory activation presented by
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Box Challenges is a geo-targeted event powered by WeTime and WeMedia.
In order to participate you will need to record the challenges at a box.

Winners are selected at random but rewarded by their effort.
More reps = More money


Challenges are released twice a month and you have two weeks to submit your videos.

Time domain:
Anywhere between 1 to 3 minutes.

Nothing that your coach would not program
in a normal class.


Winners are selected at random so every
one has the same chance of winning.

The box where the winner's video is recorded receives the same prize as the winner.

Up to 30USD
per valid repetition!

Winners with a Free WeTime account get
1USD per valid repetition

Winners with a Premium WeTime
account get 30USD per valid repetition.

If you can row 50 calories in 1 minute you
could win 1500USD... in 1 minute!


The Check list

  • If you don't have WeTime, download it now using one of the links below.
  • Create an account.
  • Make sure to enable location services so the app knows you are at a box.
  • The challenge will be displayed in the featured section.
  • Check that your box is in the challenge List of boxes
  • Have fun!
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